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Cool Giant Avocado Pool Float. This raft size float is 6 feet by 5 feet, a avocado boat if you will. Avocados are good for your health. So is relaxing in the sun. Whoever said millennials spend too much on avocados has obviously never had a perfectly ripe one. Introducing the Sit In The Pit float, with over 28 square feet of deliciously ripe, creamy avocado surface. It's wonderfully amazing and fun. Stuck out on the lake and your drink has just ran out? We've been there too. Well with the Sit In The Pit all you need to do is remove the Pit (24 inch beachball) toss in some ice, a couple cold ones or any other of your favorite libations and BOOM! Floating bar, problem solved. With two cupholders, your float is guaranteed to be the center of attention. It features extra thick 7P-Free PVC and uses an eco-friendlyscreen print. Don't be fooled by peoples claims that they make the best guac, this floats makes the best guac. With the Sit In The Pit, it is the guac and its not extra.